Tutorial to upgrade lg g5 H868 to nougat with working VOLTE

Friday, September 14, 2018

As you all know the chinese version of LG G5 H868 still has not receive android nougat 7.0 .The lg G5 other versions are waiting to get oreo update. I saw many people asking in many forums when will H868 get nougat update. When I received lg G5 (H868) 1 week ago my first question was why  this version of LG G5 still in marshmallow. I tried everything from OTA to LG bridge and everytime it says I'm still latest OS version. So i searched in many forum and came to know that LG has abondoned the cell phone market in China ( HK and Taiwan version H860 received nougat). 
Since LG G5 H868N is a dual sim variant and has same hardware as H860 except some signal bands, I thought why not give a try. So I just installed LG bridge and necessary drivers and tried flashing which throwed me some error. I asked with banned and developer of XDA with his facebook account and he asked me for $30 for tutorial. So instead of giving $30 I thought to try myself. After countless hours of researching I came to know that I need to edit some code of .dz file using hexeditor .

Warning : This method is only for LG G5 H868 . Proceed with your own risk. Other model don't try as you may end up with hardbricking your device.
1 You must be in latest marshmallow build 10f . If you are in other build first update using either ota or using LG bridge
2 Download and install uppercut by autoprime, LGUP, LG USB drivers from [URL="https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g5/development/uppercut-lgup-loader-g5-variants-t3511295"]link[/URL] . First install LG USB drivers , then LGUP ( after installing don't open LGUP) and then uppercut
3 Download LG V20a or V20f firmware from H868N HK model v20a with VoLTE and V20f. V20a supports VoLTE whereas V20f doesnot.
3 Download and install window LG firmware extract and hexeditor neo
4 Now open LG firmware extract and extract .kdz file to .dz format

5 Open .dz file extracted above using hexeditor and change the two line where it says H860N to H868 

6 After changing both lines save the file.
7  Boot your device in download mode and plug your LG G5 to computer . If this is you first time entering in download mode, Wait till all driver installs in your computer
8 Now open uppercut, it will automatically adds your necessary file and opens LGUP automatically . See if your device is detected in LGUP as comport eg COM 4
9 Click upgrade and locate the modified .dz file . After adding .dz file click the start button wait till your device gets updated
10 After update leave your device connected until your device boots up with secure login screen
11 At this time take out batter from your device and enter in recovery mode and factory reset your device. After factory reset let your device boot completely into Nougat.

Note : Every time you need to update in other nougat firmware you need to first downgrade to android marshmallow version v10f. For example if you wish to upgrade to v20f and you upgraded to v20a, First you need to go in V10f and then v20f

Window LG firmware extract and hexeditor neo download link